About Me

I have been indulging my passion for photography for over 30 years now. To me photography is about savouring the treasures of our amazing planet and taking photos of its varied wildlife. The pleasure is in experiencing the delights of nature in the raw and then having the added bonus of images that capture the subjects as I remembered them.

I was very fortunate that my 36 year career as a pilot in British Airways gave me the opportunity to visit and photograph some of the best wildlife sites in the world. Now retired I turn my camera to more local areas. Flora and fauna are still my favourite subjects though I do include local scenes as well. All my images of wildlife are taken in the wild.

Digital photography has been a revelation in many ways but a burden in others. Sitting in front of a computer is not the part of photography that I revel in and so any editing is, in most cases, kept to a minimum.

In the past I have sold to magazines which was very satisfying. However, since first exhibiting at the Chiddingly Artists Open Studios (see links) and other venues I have found that having a live audience who enjoy my work and discussing the where and when with them is just so rewarding.

Roy Broad